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San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers with Alasdair F
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San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers on Tour

  1. Old Faithful / Kiss the Lass Ye Love Best / lggie & Squiggie / Molly Rankins Reel
    This medley was learned from the playing of the wonderful Cape Breton fiddler Jerry Holland who also penned a couple of the tunes. The last reel was composed by John Morris Rankin from Mabou in Cape Breton.

  2. Devil in the Kitchen / Miss Drummond of Perth / High Road to Linton / The Easy Club / Deil mang the Tailors / The Mason's Apron (Alasdair Fraser)
    One of my favorite opening medleys to have a bit of fun with at concerts...

  3. Marchioness of Huntly / Millers Reel
    A fine rousing strathspey by William Marshall, one of Scotlands foremost 18th-century fiddler/composers, followed by a 'good-going' reel by Zeke Backus.

  4. Fingal's Cave (Alasdair Fraser, Pate Thomson)/Skyedance Reels
    This air has been a favorite of our group for a few years. 

  5. Red Is the Rose (Sally Ashcraft, Jerry Alien, Janette Duncan)
    The melody here will be recognized as that of the well-known song. "The Bonnie, Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond," but the words come from the Irish tradition.

  6. Oer the Moor, amang the Heather
    This air and variation is typical of the more romantic 19th-century side of the repertoire

  7. Mull Rant /Hughie Shorties Reel
    I learned the "Mull Rant" while recording with flutist extraordinaire Chris Norman, and subsequently taught it at one of our Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddle School sessions. The reel, written by Johnny Wilmot of Cape Breton, has a delightful twist near the end.

  8. The Sailor's Wife/Lads of Dunn (Alasdair Fraser)

  9. Tarbolton Lodge (Alasdair Fraser, Peter van Gorder)
    The two jigs in the previous cut and this reel are from the rich 18th-century repertoire 

  10. Are Ye Sleeping Maggie? (Rod Cameron)
    An old song by Robert Tannahill

  11. Fraser's Jig/Old Dutch Churn/Cape North Jig
    "Fraser's Jig" is by Dan Hughie McEachern. 

  12. Jack Broke da Prison Door / Donald Blue / Sleep Soond Ida Moamin / Lasses Trust in Providence / Boannie Isle o' Whalsey
    These are tunes from the Shetland Islands. A fiddler named Jack Goudie wrote the autobiographical "Jack Broke da Prison Door."