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Atlantic Folk Trio is a Spain-based world folk music group formed in 2015 when it’s Spanish members, guitarist Jesus Enrique Cuadrado, and violinist Maria San Miguel were joined by Scottish-American fiddler Galen Fraser, son of Scotland’s great fiddle hero, Alasdair Fraser. Comprised solely of stringed instruments, Atlantic Folk Trio captures the seductive and rustic essence of ancient Spain and combines it with the wild energy and spontaneity of Scottish traditional music. Playing concerts and giving workshops all around Spain, Atlantic Folk Trio inspires by bringing a fresh new sound to traditional folk music.

{Español} Atlantic Folk Trio se embarca en una aventura atravesando océanos y continentes. Ofrece una visión propia y potente de un mundo en el que ya no existen fronteras y donde las culturas y tradiciones se unen para crear otras nuevas. La procedencia de sus componentes es determinante en el estilo y carácter de sus composiciones; el guitarrista Jesus Enrique Cuadrado, la violinista María San Miguel y el violinista Galen Fraser, e hijo de una de las grandes guras del folk escocés, Alasdair Fraser. A través de sus conciertos, Atlantic Folk Trio pretende inspirar los oídos, ofreciendo un sonido fresco y nuevo a la música tradicional.

Maria san Miguel Begining the violin at age three, Maria developed a passion for the instrument as well as a true vocation for music. She persued her studies at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Valladolid and finished her music studies at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Castilla y León. Her interest in trying to complete her music education brought her in touch other music styles, eventually coloborating with “Edu Soto Plan Renove Band”,“Mariachi Guerrilla”and more. Her new-found fascination for other culture ́s music and their origins guided her to Scottish folk music which woke up her curiosity for the castillian folk music being played in her own culture. Simultaneously her passion for teaching and pedagogy specialized in infants, learning from the musician and pegagog Paulo Lameiro, let her put together part of what is becoming a world- wide trend: Music Workshops for Infants. She has conducted these workshops to great success in both Spain and Germany. Currently, she continues her classical and folk music studies, taking classes from Alasdair Fraser, Natalie Haas, Diego Galaz, Begoña Riobó or Cassey Driessen and belongs to the acclaimed earopean folk bands, “Atalantic Folk Trio”, “Brigantia” and “Dahvar”.

Jesus Enrique Cuadrado “Chuchi” has become a reference in the contemporary castillian folk guitar. His versatility and unmistakeable style makes him one of the most precious guitar players from the traditional spanish folk scene. Chuchi has won some of the most important tradictional music awards like Escenario Prau and Folkez Blai with his band “Vallarna”, “Blanca Altable y Chuchi al cuadrado” ,“Sons d ́Cabiella” and he also participated in many others like Festival de Sendín (Portugal), Goikoorts (Bélgica), Cantabria In nita, Carmucu, Tierradura Folk, La Noche Celta de Fitoria, el Irish Fleadh in Cáceres etc... Due to his unique style, Chuchi has had the opportunity to work as composer and arranger with other virtuoso musicians such as Anxo Lorenzo, María Salgado and other famous bands like Cel- tas Cortos, Folkfussion, A Gramalleira o Xerfa.
Having learned from masters throughout his childhood like Tony Mcmanus, William Coulter, Carlos Beceiro or Xosé Liz, he is now teaching at camps and workshops around the world, tour- ing with a miriad of di erent professional folk groups.

Galen Fraser is an accomplished fiddle player, com- poser, engineer and producer from the foot- hills of Northern California. Best known for his modern take on celtic traditional music, he tours
with the praised Galen Fraser Quartet, Soul- sha, and the Europe-baised Atlantic Folk Trio. Fraser has played with renown musicians such as Alasdair Fraser, Natalie & Brittany Haas, Martin Melendez (of the Aupa Quartet), Hanneke Cassel, and Colin Cotter. He has performed at the Mandavi Centre, e Palace of Fine Arts, Sym- phony Hall in Boston, Ma, with members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and many other esteemed venues in the United States and Europe. With a love for improvisation and composition, Galen’s passion lead him to pursue music as a career, earning his Bachelors Degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music. In August 2016, Galen released his debut solo album, “Mischief Managed” featuring all original fiddle music and songs with guests such as Natalie Haas, Alasdair Fraser, Jenna Moynihan and Conor Hearn.

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