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Thank you for supporting SAN MIGUEL FRASER's new project "DOTS OF LIGHT"

You have our deepest gratitude. Thank you! Galen & Maria

Please consider adding a donation. Funds will go towards defraying the costs of our DOTS OF LIGHT project. If you bought one of our PHYSICAL DOTS OF LIGHT CD packages we'll send you a signed copy as soon as possible!!! Many thanks!!! - Galen & Maria
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San Miguel Fraser presents Castilian, Celtic and original music featuring Violins, Vocals, Cittern, Pandareta. Their music is exquisite, exhilarating, effervescent, expressing the joy, warmth, and beauty of our shared humanity.

SpecificationsDownloads: MP3 encoded @ 320kbps/ WAV @ 44.1khz, 16bit/ WAV-HD @ 48khz, 24bit