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Journey Begun CD

Laura Risk & Athena Tergis

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Laura Risk and Athena Tergis: Journey Begun

Laura Risk (violin, viola)
Athena Tergis (violin)
Steve Baughman (guitar)
Pat Klobas (bass)
Peter Maund (percussion)

Alasdair Fraser (violin)

The twin violins of Laura and Athena weave a tapestry of soaring melodies, haunting harmonies and driving, rhythmic reels and jigs.  Their sources of inspiration range from Mexican towns to home remedies but all have a common root in traditional Celtic music.


Alligator Lake (Risk)  *  Witch Hazel (Tergis)  *  Yellow Wrist (Tergis)
Laura composed the first tune in Texas, next to a lake of alligators.  Inspired by its Middle Eastern feel, Athena wrote Witch Hazel.   Yellow Wrist is named after an incident in which a home remedy for sprains peeled skin off Athena's wrist after dyeing it bright yellow.
New Year's Day at the Capitol (Risk)  *  The New House (Risk)
Laura wrote the first tune in Sacramento on New Year's Day of 1993; she had three hours to spare due to a Greyhound delay.  The second tune commemorates Laura's excitement - and her parents' relief - at her move out of a dangerous neighbourhood.
Black Bread (Fraser/Risk/Tergis)
Alasdair wrote the first part, Laura the second and Athena the third.  The name is also a collaborative effort; Athena wanted the word Black in the title and Laura wanted the word Bread.
Kathy's First Trip to Skye (Risk)
Named by Kathy Langford, who commissioned the tune at the 1993 Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling School auction.
Notes to Myself (Risk)
Written while waiting for the #65 bus.
Athena's #1 (Tergis)  *  Castle Menzies (Tergis)
Athena's #1 is the first tune she ever wrote.  Castle Menzies was written in Scotland, in the castle of the same name.
The Ewie with the Crooked Horn   *  The Perrie Werrie  *  Linden Rise (Johnny Cunningham)
A traditional Scottish strathspey followed by two reels.
Pogonip Jig (Paul Machlis)  *  Katy's Visit to San Francisco (Risk)
The second tune Laura wrote in the summer of 1988, just before going to the airport to pick up her pen-pal Katy.
Mackintosh's Lament
This pibroch was published in MacDonald's Highland Vocal Airs and dates from around 1526.
The Rooster (Risk)  *  Pete in the Car (Tergis)  *  Los Cerritos (Risk)
Athena named the first tune, saying it reminded her of the soundtrack to an old western movie.  Pete in the Car is named after yet another Greyhound adventure.  Los Cerritos is a rancho in Michoacan, Mexico, where Laura spent a summer doing public health work.
Leo's Tune (Tergis)   *  Boglach na Nog (Tergis)
The first tune is dedicated to Athena's great-uncle Leo, and the second to a magical place on the Oregon coast.
Sand Worms (Risk)
The first four notes were inspired by worm castings covering a tidal flat off the coast of Ireland.
Old Time Wedding Reels 1 & 2  *  Traditional Reel  *  Father Francis Cameron (John Campbell)
The second Wedding Reel is also known as Och a' Chaillain (Hamish the Carpenter).
  Tunes are traditional unless credited.
Produced by Alasdair Fraser.