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Dawn Dance CD

Dawn Dance CD

Alasdair Fraser
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Dawn Dance: Alasdair Fraser

Alasdair Fraser (fiddle, viola)

Eric Rigler (Highland pipes, uilleann pipes)
Tim Gorman 
Chris Norman (flute, piccolo)
Todd Phillips 
Peter Maund (percussion)
Aidan Brennan (guitar)
Mike Marshall 
Jacqueline Schwab 
Sandy Wilson (bass)
Brian Willis 
Jarrod Kaplan (percussion)

Exhilarating new music deeply rooted in the Scottish tradition, with brilliant ensemble performances by top-rated musicians from diverse musical backgrounds. 1996 NAIRD Indie Award Winner for Celtic Music Album of the Year.

"Dawn Dance hints at Eastern, Celtic and Renaissance strains, with Alasdair Fraser's genius in abundance. Delicious and refreshing." —Rock 'n' Reel 

First Light * Dawn Rant
Dawn Dance
Written for the winter solstice. Envision people gathering on the morning of the shortest day to celebrate the turning point of winter.
Wooden Whale * Leaps and Bounds * Skye Barbeque
The first reel is named for a piece of driftwood found on the Rogue River in Oregon. I wrote the second tune for the late Tasha, a horse owned by my friend Frances Elder in her Inverurie days. Skye Barbeque refers to the difficult but entertaining task of holding a barbeque in the rain at Tarskavaig on the Isle of Skye while dancers attempt an eightsome reel on the grass between cloudbursts. This tune is for Peggy, Flora and Ronnie.
Funky 105
Rain on Rannoch
This piece makes me think of driving across Rannoch Moor into Glencoe on one of those rainy nights when you can't see past the windshield wipers ...
Common Ground
Dedicated to Dr Pate & Judy Thomson, who brought Tim Gorman and me together. This tune was given its first airing one evening after a great dinner at their home in Berkeley, California.
Eilidh's Frolic
For my neice Eilidh Yorston, a fine dancer and frolicker!
Sally mo Ghradh
Written for my wife on the occasion of her birthday in 1986.
Independence Trail * Galen's Arrival
Galen's Arrival refers to the birth of my son, who arrived hours after his mother and I took a long walk on Independence Trail, along the beautiful South Yuba River in California.
Pamela Rose Grant
This strathspey was written as a wedding gift to Rose Grant and Scottish singer Allan MacLeod.
Free Rein
Theme for Scotland
  Music composed by Alasdair Fraser
Produced by Alasdair Fraser, engineered and mixed by Stephen Hart.
Copyright Alasdair Fraser, published by Culburnie Music (BMI)