March 4, 2000

PRODUCER: Skyedance
Culburnie CUL116

Skyedance is a mostly American Celtic band headed up by Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser. On its latest CD, it heads toward the more melodic side of Celtic music. Skyedance reflects the eclectic nature of its musicians with global percussion from Peter Maund and the pitch-bending fretless bass of Mick Linden. Its dynamic rhythm interplay powers Fraser's opening fiddle feature, "The Spark," as well as the Moorish tinge of "La Gallega" and "Into The Labyrinth." Skyedance weaves lush instrumentals with uilleann and Highland bagpipes, wooden flutes, and keyboards wrapping around each other like a Celtic knot in motion. Fraser's fiddle ties it all together, bending in gypsy seduction one moment and flickering pyrotechnics the next. Playing all original music, Skyedance taps into a rich melodic vein. With Nightnoise dormant, Skyedance steps up as an important, all-instrumental Celtic band.